Tales of Halaster's Heroes

All Beginnings Are Difficult

An excerpt taken from Magnificent Me: The Life and Times of Jareth Nimblebottom

All this changed the night I went to sleep in Daggerford and awoke in the halls of Halaster, the Mad Mage! I was not the first individual to fall prey to the insane amusements of the dread Mad Mage, nor would I be the last. Imagine, if you are able, going to sleep in a safe (if simple and rustic) lodging, only to awake upon the cold stone floor of a dank and monster infested dungeon! While this would no doubt have shattered the sanity of lesser folk, I was made of sterner stuff. Quickly taking stock of my surroundings, I did not miss the fact that, rather than being alone, I was accompanied by six big folk.

I would later learn that what appeared to be five humans were known as Thope, the mighty paladin of Tyr; Solus, a sorceror of no mean talent;  Liu Kang, a follower of a martial discipline from far off Shou Lung; and Alibaba, a Calishite rogue who was an obsessive adherent of Talos. My sixth companion in that awakening was a Moon Elf maiden who called herself Ella. She was a druid and follower of Lurue who would gather a menagerie of cuddly creatures as time passed. How were any of us to know that, under my enlightened leadership, we would rescue maidens, punish the guilty, right wrongs, cure lycanthropes, speak to gods, and save the North several times over? But, as Alaundo the Seer said, "All beginnings are difficult."




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